Find out if your trade or profession is regulated in Québec
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Find out if your trade or profession is regulated in Québec

In Québec, the practice of some trades and professions is regulated. For example, the engineering and nursing professions are governed by professional orders. These organizations, whose mission is to protect the public, have the authority to set admission conditions and practice standards, evaluate skills and diplomas, and issue a certificate or permit to qualified candidates.

Other trades and professions are also subject to regulatory requirements with respect to their admission or practice. For instance, electricians, crane operators and gas workers form trades that are regulated by other regulatory bodies. This is also true for certain activities and disciplines in the financial sector, the teaching profession, and the heavy vehicle driver trade.

Check before you leave to see if your trade or profession is governed by a regulatory body or subject to regulation. This will give you a preliminary idea of the conditions you will have to meet to practise in Québec and of the steps you will have to take in order to present your file to the organization. This preparation will speed up your entry into the job market.

Certain steps leading to the right to practise a regulated profession or trade can be taken in your country of residence prior to your departure for Québec. We encourage you to contact the regulatory body that governs the practice of the profession you plan to practise in Québec as soon as possible.

An agreement has been signed between France and Québec on the mutual recognition of professional qualifications. To learn more, please consult l’Entente France-Québec sur la reconnaissance mutuelle des qualifications professionnelles.



If you wish to practise a regulated profession or trade, it is preferable that you contact the relevant professional order or regulatory body before submitting an application for an Évaluation comparative des études effectuées au Québec (Comparative Evaluation for Studies Done Outside Québec).



Professions governed by a professional order
Teaching profession
Professions governed by the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF – financial market authority)
Regulated trades in the construction industry
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