Obtaining recognition of your competencies by a regulatory organization
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Obtaining recognition of your competencies by a regulatory organization


In Québec, some professions are governed by a regulatory organization.

Regulatory organizations protect the public across Québec by monitoring and controlling the practice of trades and professions.
Here are some examples:

If the profession you wish to hold is regulated in Québec, you must have your training recognized by the regulatory organization that governs your trade or profession. The regulatory organization may recognize part or, in some cases, all of the education and work experience you acquired abroad.

You must obtain a permit to legally work in your field or to use a reserved title. This permit is issued by the regulatory organization.

Some professions have an exclusive right to practice. For example, if you want to work as a nurse, you must be a member of the Order in order to practise this profession in Québec.

Other professions have a title reserved for members of the professional order. For example, if you would like to work as a translator, you can work in your field, but you cannot present yourself as a certified translator without being a member of the order.

Steps to follow

Contact the organization that oversees the conditions for practising your profession or trade to find out the steps you have to take to obtain the right to practise in Québec.

Most regulatory organizations have a section on their website dedicated to candidates trained outside Canada, which will provide the following information:

  • their requirements
  • the steps to follow to obtain recognition of your competencies
  • whether or not you must go back to school

Some regulatory organizations may, among other things, ask you for a comparative evaluation for studies done outside Québec as part of their admission process. Contact your regulatory organization for information before starting this process.

Québec-France agreement on the mutual recognition of professional qualifications

France and Québec have signed an agreement on the mutual recognition of professional qualifications. To find out more, consult the Agreement (in French only).

Commissioner for admission into professions

If you are dissatisfied with how your application for admission into a regulatory profession was handled by a professional order, you can file a complaint (in French only) with the Commissioner for admission into professions.

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