Explore job prospects in your area of expertise
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Explore job prospects in your area of expertise

You obtained points in the selection grid because you have a diploma in an area of training that is in demand in Québec?

  • Visit Labour Market Information (LMI) on Emploi Québec’s website to find out about the sector of activity in which you would like to work.
  • Get information from the Sectoral workforce committees.
    Some sites provide information on trades and professions, the state of the job market and continuing education in particular sectors.

Be prepared

Looking for a job requires effort and an effective strategy. For immigrants, it also requires the implementation of a structured integration approach, if possible, even before your arrival in Québec.

We recommend that you use the personalized action plan in the guide Learning About Québec, or its more detailed version, which can be downloaded from this website. This plan contains all the information you will need to carry out your job search and make informed choices.

Assess your professional skills

To enter the labour market, you must first assess your skills.

Take the time to clearly identify your particular skills. Québec employers often hire on the basis of skills, rather than diplomas.

Professional skills

Here are a few elements to help you assess your own skills.

Draw up a list of your areas of knowledge

Spoken and written languages, specialized knowledge (computers, landscaping, customer service, etc.).

Draw up a list of your work experiences

Always start with your most recent work experience and focus on the most important ones.

For each job, indicate:

  • the duration in months or years;
  • the title of the position occupied (indicating the Québec equivalent, after having clearly identified it) and the name of the company;
  • your tasks and responsibilities for each job in chronological order (starting with the most recent);
  • your accomplishments and the personal skills you developed as a result of this experience.

Draw up a list of your diplomas and trainings

Indicate your diplomas and their equivalence in the Québec system, the year you obtained them and the specialization, if applicable. Specify the skills you acquired through this education as well as training you may have pursued once on the labour market, for example, on-the-job training, seminars, colloquia.

Draw up a list of your activities beyond the workplace

Be sure to mention any volunteer work you do. You can also specify your leisure activities and areas of interest (reading, gardening, sports, etc.). For instance, playing soccer proves that you like teamwork!

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