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Learn about Québec’s job market

The Québec labour market has a number of specific features. Even if you were selected based primarily on your diplomas and skills, you must make efforts to quickly find a suitable job. This is why we recommend that you get as much information as you can and, above all, take steps to facilitate your professional integration before you leave for Québec.

Visit Emploi Québec’s website and find out about the following aspects:

Where are the jobs?

Most jobs offered on the market are in the service sector. The manufacturing sector offers fewer jobs, but the working conditions in this sector are often attractive.

Small and medium enterprises hire the greatest number of workers.

How do employers recruit workers?

Most jobs are filled through networking, that is, through the employer’s contacts and partners rather than through job offers advertised on the Internet or in newspapers.

What hiring criteria do employers use?

In Québec, recruitment and promotions are generally based on skills, accomplishments and individual performance.

Employers also take into account a person’s ability to integrate into a work team.

What are the best assets for finding a job?

Minimum training is required in most job offers. This training is equivalent to 11 years of education, corresponding to a secondary school diploma (DES).

Good knowledge of written language is also highly valued in the professional job market.

Good knowledge of oral and written French, and often English, greatly increases the chances of professional advancement.

What do employers value?

In general, employers appreciate teamwork, cooperation and employee participation in the business. In fact, they sometimes consult employees and welcome direct communication and constructive comments.

Employers often organize work meetings with a specific agenda, which promotes structured and orderly discussions based on the objective of the meeting.

For decision-making, they often seek consensus (the approval of others) and resolve conflicts through negotiation and compromise.

Employers also place great importance on punctuality and meeting deadlines.

Do I have to speak English or other languages in addition to French ?

While French is the official language, English is very present in Québec given the North American context of its economy and the strong presence of an anglophone minority.

In order to practise your profession, some employers may require you to have a functional knowledge of English or to be bilingual. This requirement is particularly common in the Montréal region, but also exists in other regions of Québec.

Several options are available for learning English. For example, you can take on-site or distance courses offered by educational institutions or language schools.

Other languages

If you are proficient in a language other than French and English, this will definitely be an asset that you can promote. However, mastering a third language is rarely required by employers.


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A few characteristics of the Québec job market


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