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Educational documents


Since that the diplomas issued by Canadian provinces and territories are comparable to corresponding Québec diplomas, the Ministère stopped evaluating these documents as of July 1, 2015.

The Ministère stopped evaluating educational documents from Canadian education systems as of July 1, 2015.

Indicate all of your studies since elementary school as well as your current studies. However, provide only certified copies of the original educational documents you wish to have evaluated.

What is a certified copy of the original?
It is a photocopy of an original document, which is certified as a true copy by the issuer or by a recognized authority in the country or territory that issued the document.

Each certified copy of the original must be clear, legible and complete.

Consult the List of authorities recognized for certifying documents to find out which authorities can issue a certified copy of the original in the country responsible for your educational documents.

Secondary studies

For completed vocational and technical secondary studies, provide the diplomas and detailed transcripts corresponding to each year of study.

For general secondary studies completed, provide only the diploma you wish to have evaluated.

For incomplete secondary studies (general, vocational or technical), provide the transcripts of the two last years of study successfully completed.

If the transcripts do not clearly indicate that you successfully completed your secondary studies, provide an official attestation from the educational institution you attended confirming the portion of the program you successfully completed.

Post-secondary studies

The Ministère no longer evaluates educational documents awarded for incomplete post-secondary studies.

To obtain a comparative evaluation of completed post-secondary studies (advanced, technological, university, etc.), provide the diplomas and detailed transcripts for each year completed, as well as the transcripts for internships included in the official curriculum leading to a diploma.



The Ministère will process your request once it has received all of the required documents, including translations.



If you are asking the authorities of the educational institution you attended to send educational documents directly to the Ministère, advise them that they must include the following information with the documents:

  • Your name
  • Your date of birth
  • The inscription “Request for a comparative evaluation”
  • The number of your request for a comparative evaluation, if you have one

Studies not evaluated by the Ministère

Non-exhaustive list:

  • Studies of a duration of less than one academic year
  • Studies that are not recognized, and not under an official education system
  • Elementary and secondary studies of a duration of less than nine years (excluding preschool from the calculation).
  • Studies under a Canadian education system
  • Attestations or certificates of occupational competency or qualification
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