Processing times
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Processing times

Under the Déclaration de services à la clientèle (declaration of client services), the Ministère commits to sending a letter within 15 working days confirming receipt of your application for an Évaluation comparative des études effectuées hors du Québec (comparative evaluation for studies done outside Québec).

For approximate processing times of a complete file, consult the following table. Note that these processing times are given as a guide only and can vary according to the volume of applications and the complexity of analysis.

Beginning of July 2018, for a complete file, the average processing time was 7 weeks.

Current processing times

File number indicated on
the confirmation of receipt

Latest expected date for following up with the client (excluding postal delivery times)
C0006928599 and less Mid-August 2017
C0006937599 and less End of August 2017
C0006942499 and less Mid-September 2017
C0006955799 and less End of September 2017
C0006965599 and less Beginning of October 2017
C0006987799 and less Beginning of November 2017
C0007014199 and less Mid-November 2017
C0007021999 and less End of November 2017
C0007041699 and less Beginning of December 2017
C0007046999 and less End of December 2017
C0007055099 and less Mid-January 2018
C0007060699 and less End of january 2018
C0007062199 and less Beginning of February 2018
C0007076099 and less End of February 2018
C0007078799 and less End of February 2018
C0007096199 and less Mid-March 2018
C0007108899 and less End of March 2018
C0007120999 and less Mid-August 2018
C0007130599 and less End of August 2018
C0007135999 and less Mid-May 2018
C0007149299 and less End of May 2018
C0007166799 and less Beginning of June 2018
C0007096199 and less Mid-June 2018
C0007184599 and less Beginning of July 2018
C0007195699 and less Mid-July 2018
C0007200299 and less End of July 2018


  • It is pointless contacting the Ministère before the end of the period indicated in the table.
  • If you submitted an incomplete file, it will be returned to you.
  • The act of submitting a file does not mean that a comparative evaluation will necessarily be issued.
  • Processing times are updated every two weeks.
  • Complete files are processed according to the date of receipt of the applications, except if they fall under priority processing.
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