Premières démarches d’installation session
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Premières démarches d’installation session

This session is for newcomers to Québec who master French and who hold a Québec Selection Certificate (CSQ) or a Certificat d'acceptation du Québec (CAQ) as a temporary worker, foreign student, and as a person who resides in Québec with an immigration status that allows it. It is offered by several partner organizations of the Ministère in Québec.

The themes addressed during this three-hour session are:

  • Important documents to obtain (health insurance, social insurance, driver’s licence, etc.);
  • Opening a bank account;
  • Looking for an apartment;
  • Daycare services and registering children for school;
  • The Québec education system;
  • Tax credits, financial assistance for families and income tax returns;
  • Rights as consumers;
  • Settling in the regions;
  • Free settlement and integration support services offered by partnering community organizations;
  • Employability services offered by public employment services and their partners;



Please register for the session called Premières démarches d’installation (First Steps to Settling in) with an organization located near your residence.

Certain organizations offer a drop-in daycare during the session.

You can also contact the Ministère’s Information service for more information on the session.



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