French-language courses for immigrants
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French-language courses for immigrants

The ability to speak French will help you create contacts and expand your job opportunities. Since French is the common language of public life, the Gouvernement du Québec deems learning the French language essential for integration and therefore devotes considerable resources to French-language courses for immigrants.

Various French courses

The Gouvernement du Québec offers various French courses to meet the needs of immigrants. Courses are held in public educational institutions or in community settings.

The Gouvernement offers different course structures varying in duration and frequency.

Classroom course: 

  • Beginner or intermediate level;
  • General full-time courses, 25 to 30 hours per week;
  • General part-time courses; 4, 6, 9, 12 or 15 hours per week; day, evening or weekend;
  • Part-time specialized courses by field of employment; 6 hours per week.

Online courses, to learn independently at your own pace:

  • Accessible in your home country;
  • Intermediate or advanced level;
  • General courses with support from a tutor;
  • Specialized modules by field of employment.

These courses will introduce you to several aspects of daily life in Quebec. In addition, you may receive financial assistance (in French only) when you register for a classroom course. For full details, visit the section Apprendre le français (in French only).

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When you arrive in Quebec, communicating in French is essential. If time permits, start learning French before your departure. Enrol in a partner language school of the Gouvernement du Québec in your country. You could even receive a refund once in Quebec! For more information, visit the page Cours de français à l’étranger (in French only).

Give yourself every chance to make your integration in Quebec quicker and easier!

Contact the Centre de contacts clientèle (Information service) or consult the directory of services offered by the Ministère’s partners.  

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