Call for proposals 2017-2018
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Call for proposals 2017-2018

The program Reconnaissance des compétences et accès aux ordres professionnels supports projects that contribute to the recognition of the skills that immigrants have acquired abroad and promote their rapid integration into the labour force in Québec. The projects selected must be consistent with immigrants’ knowledge and skills.

With this in mind, Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (MIFI) is issuing a call for proposals. MIFI invites all eligible professional orders and organizations to submit innovative projects related to immigrant skill recognition.

The call for proposals under the program is in keeping with Together, We Are Québec: The Immigration, Participation and Inclusion Action Strategy 2016–2021.

Type of projects sought

  • Web platforms dedicated to skills recognition, distance refresher training, and short online training programs
  • Collaborative platforms aimed at pooling resources related to skills recognition.


Proposals promoting a comprehensive approach (e.g.,development of a training platform), including content creation, are also eligible.

Proposals that do not correspond to these examples, but that meet the Program objective, could be financed within the general framework of the Program (i.e., outside the framework of this call for proposals).

Eligible organizations

  • Professional orders listed in Schedule 1 of the Professional Code (CQLR, chapter C-26) or constituted in accordance with this code
  • Other organizations that control access to a profession or trade and that are constituted in accordance with a Québec law or regulation
  • Non-profit or cooperative organizations whose charter objectives are compatible with the overall objective of the Program.Such organizations must be legally constituted and registered with the Québec Enterprise Register.They must be headquartered and conduct most of their activities in Québec (main place of operation).

Maximum duration of agreement

3 years


  • Most of the direct project costs can be covered by the grant.However, the organization must contribute financially to the project.
  • If they are not rejected, proposals that partially meet eligibility criteria and also meet the Program objective and correspond to one of the project types listed in the call for proposals may be awarded an amount less than the amount applied for.
  • An amount of $1,500,000 has been earmarked for the proposals (subject to financial availability).

Application deadline

February 16, 2018


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