Secularism in Québec
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Secularism in Québec

The Québec State and its institutions are secular: their decisions and actions are independent of religious powers. That means that no religion is favoured over another.

The neutrality of the State implies that each person in Québec is entitled to secular services and institutions. The decisions and actions of institutions are independent of religious powers.

Ensuring equality

Each person is entitled to his or her religious beliefs, to practise them and to express them. It is, in fact, prohibited in Québec to discriminate or harass someone on the grounds of religion. The secularism of the Québec state is thus aimed at ensuring the equality of all people, regardless of their beliefs or religion.

Secularism in the public domain

The value of secularism is experienced in the public domain in Québec. Secularism prohibits certain people from wearing a religious symbol in the performance of their duties if they are in situations of authority, for example:

  • New police officers
  • New prosecutors in criminal and penal proceedings
  • New teaching staff in public elementary and secondary schools

To make it possible to verify people’s identity or for reasons of safety, their face must be uncovered in order to receive certain government services.

Secularism is now enshrined in the Charter of human rights and freedoms.

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