Choosing your housing
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Choosing your housing

Are you looking for housing or would like to know more on the subject? The following information and useful links will facilitate your housing search.

Finding out about housing in Québec

Housing is an important element in any immigration plan. Do not hesitate to inform yourself before your move to Québec. This will allow you to become familiar with the vocabulary specific to housing in Québec and you will discover your rights and responsibilities as a tenant or owner. Being prepared will save you time, money and effort.

Looking for housing

You can now start your search. First assess your needs and financial ability. Upon your arrival, you may decide to live in temporary housing so that you can take time to explore places of interest and find housing that best suits your needs. We recommend a few housing search techniques.

Settling into your new home

You already found housing? Here is some useful information that will ensure a successful move into your new home.


Useful links

  • Régie du logement du Québec
    The Québec rental board’s mission is to inform citizens of their rights and responsibilities in the area of housing, on practices forbidden under the law, on how to renew or terminate a lease, on recourses for landlords in the event of non-compliance with a lease.
  • The guide Vivre en logement by Services Québec
    Information on tenants’ rights and obligations
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