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Collective sponsorship by a group of two to five persons

The Québec collective sponsorship program allows the people of Québec to show their solidarity towards refugees by undertaking to facilitate their integration and cover their settlement costs for a defined period of time.

What does an undertaking involve?

  • A group composed of two to five persons may sign an undertaking for the collective sponsorship of a refugee.
  • The duration of the undertaking is normally one year from the refugee’s arrival date in Québec.
  • The sponsorship group must provide for the basic settlement needs of the sponsored person: housing, clothing, obtaining a health insurance card, etc.

Note: If the sponsorship group fails to meet its commitments and the sponsored person receives financial assistance of last resort (social assistance) during the undertaking period, the members of the group will be required to reimburse the amounts paid by the government.

  • The sponsorship group is also bound to provide for certain essential needs related to integration: registration in French courses, enrolment in school, job search assistance, information on Québec society and culture.

Who can be sponsored?

  • A person abroad who meets the definition of “refugee” (a refugee is outside his or her country, fears persecution, cannot return to his or her country and has no lasting solution for settlement in the country where he or she sought asylum).
  • Refugee status is determined abroad by a federal agent after conducting an interview with the person.
  • The sponsored person may be someone you know, a relative or a member of his or her family (the simplest) or a person referred to us by a sponsorship organization, for example.
  • The undertaking must include the sponsored person and his or her dependents (spouse, children) to avoid separating members of the family unit.


What are the principal requirements for forming a sponsorship group of two to five persons?

  • The sponsorship group must be composed of at least two persons and at most five. The group members are jointly and severally responsible for the sponsored person.
  • The group members must prove, based on established financial scales and by presenting proof of income (T4 slips, etc.), that they have sufficient income to:

    1) support the needs of their own family;
    2) support the needs of the sponsored person; this amount can be divided among the group members.

  • Each member of the group must reside in the region of Québec where the sponsored person is expected to settle.
  • The undertaking of the sponsorship group does not include transportation costs (airplane ticket) of the sponsored person and his or her dependents, if any. These persons are eligible for a loan from Citizenship and Immigration Canada to pay their transportation costs. However, they must start to repay the loan a few months after their arrival in Québec.


What services are available to refugees?

  • Sponsored persons are admitted to Canada as permanent residents. They are therefore authorized to hold a job as soon as they arrive.
  • Sponsored persons who do not speak French are entitled to free French courses. French is taught using concrete examples and topics related to their integration. They are also entitled to a participation allowance under certain conditions and, where applicable, a refund of childcare and transportation costs. Registration is done on line.
  • As soon as they arrive in Québec, sponsored persons can register for health insurance and benefit from the coverage offered with no waiting period. Costs not covered by the government plan (dental care, optometry, etc.) are paid by the sponsorship group.


How to submit a collective sponsorship application

  • Form a group.
  • Identify an individual refugee or a family of refugees.
  • Submit the undertaking application to the Government of Québec by filling out the forms online
  • Provide all the required documents (proof of income, sponsor’s record, etc.) in addition to federal government forms and documents for the sponsored refugee’s permanent residence application.

    Important: To complete the application, the sponsorship group must be able to communicate with the sponsored person abroad.


To avoid any delay in processing the application, ensure that it is complete and that all the required documents are included.

The processing time after submitting the application is from 8 to 18 months. For more information on the processing times, consult the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

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