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About Arrima

The Arrima platform allows for a better alignment between immigration and the needs of Québec’s labour market. Its use is completely free. Ultimately, the platform will provide services for all the Ministère’s clients. Many of these services will be developed in the coming years.

For the time being, Arrima is intended for:

  • Individuals who wish to immigrate permanently or temporarily under one of these programs:

    • Regular Skilled Worker Program
    • Québec Experience Program
    • Permanent immigration pilot programs
    • International Student Program (document transmission only)

  • Individuals who wish to benefit from the services of Accompagnement Québec.

  • To spokespersons for groups of 2 to 5 natural persons or legal persons (organizations) who wish to sponsor a refugee foreign national under the Program for Refugees Abroad (Collective Sponsorship).

  • To Québec businesses, for use of the Portail employeurs.

  • To immigration representatives.

Creation of an Arrima profile is done in two steps: 

  • You must first validate your email address, choose a password and confirm your registration in the secure authentication system.
  • The user must then approve the Arrima account’s terms of use, fill in the Identity and Contact information sections before receiving confirmation that the account has been created.


It is possible to carry out certain procedures in Arrima according to the program.

Regular Skilled Worker Program (RSWP)

If you wish to immigrate to Québec under the Regular Skilled Worker Program, create your profile in Arrima to complete, submit and update your expression of interest (EI).

A self-assessment tool (in French only) is now available for you to estimate the score you might obtain when submitting an expression of interest. This means you can assess your chances of receiving an invitation to submit an application for permanent selection.

The score you obtain through the self-assessment tool is provided for information purposes only. It allows you to assess your chances of receiving an invitation based on the information submitted and does not in any way constitute a guarantee.

Programme de l'expérience québécoise (PEQ - Québec experience program)

If you wish to immigrate to Québec under the Québec Experience Program (PEQ), create an Arrima profile to submit your application for permanent selection, submit your documents and pay the required fees.

Permanent immigration pilot programs

  • Food processing workers
  • Orderlies
  • Workers in the artificial intelligence, information technologies and visual effects sectors

If you wish to immigrate to Québec under one of the permanent immigration pilot programs, create an Arrima profile to submit your application for permanent selection, submit your documents and pay the required fees.

International Student Program

If you are a foreign student and have submitted an application for temporary selection for studies, create your Arrima profile in order to  submit your supporting documents.

Financial assistance for participation in refresher training in skill recognition (in French)

To support you in your skill recognition process, the Gouvernement du Québec offers financial assistance to take refresher training. This allowance will help you take refresher training or an unpaid internship that will allow you to obtain recognition of your skills by a regulatory body. If you are eligible for the program, the allocation may cover your participation in your refresher training, your internship, your childcare and transportation.

Financial assistance for part-time French courses

To encourage you to learn French, the government of Québec is offering financial assistance. You can receive this assistance for taking the courses and for your children's daycare.

Accompagnement Québec

To benefit from the free services of Accompagnement Québec, create an Arrima profile, open a new Accompagnement Quebec file and provide the requested information.

Program for Refugees Abroad (Collective Sponsorship)

If you are a group of 2 to 5 natural persons and you wish to submit an undertaking application for the benefit of refugees, during the intake period for undertaking applications, you must first designate a spokesperson from among the members of your group. The spokesperson would create a profile on the Arrima platform and submit your undertaking application and the required documents.


 If you are a Québec company and wish to meet your labour needs through immigration, create your Arrima profile to:

  • Obtain personalized coaching from the Ministère (online coaching request);
  • Connect with foreign workers who correspond to your labour needs and offer them a job in Québec with the Portail employeurs.


If you are a representative mandated by a person who wishes to immigrate to Québec, you must create a profile on the Arrima platform. You could also:

  • establish a representational link with your clients;
  • make certain arrangements with the Ministère for your clients.

Note to users: if you decide to use the services of a remunerated person, you should be aware that only the following persons are authorized to represent you with the Ministère:

  • members in good standing of the Barreau du Québec;
  • members in good standing of the Chambre des notaires du Québec;
  • persons holding a special authorization issued by one of the two above-mentioned organizations;
  • immigration consultants recognized and registered in the Registre québécois des consultants en immigration;
  • an unpaid representative, i.e., a natural person who receives no remuneration (for example: a family member, a friend, a representative from a non-profit organization, etc.).
  • an unpaid representative, i.e., a natural person who receives no remuneration, and who works for free (for example: a family member, a friend, etc.).

Technical advice

  • It is advisable to use a personal computer or tablet to access Arrima. The application does not allow navigation on a cell phone.
  • Use of the latest version of one of the following browsers is recommended: 
    • Chrome; 
    • Firefox.
  • Use of one of the following operating systems is also recommended: 
    • Windows (version 8.1 and later); 
    • Mac OS (version 10.2.4 and later); 
    • iOS (version 11 and later). 
  • A virtual waiting room allows you to keep your place in the queue during busy periods. When you access Arrima’s home page, you may be automatically redirected to this virtual waiting room. You can find out where you are in the queue and how many people are ahead of you.
  • Beware of people with malicious intentions who might impersonate government officials. Please refer to our Notice on Internet fraud.

Frequently asked technical questions

See the technical FAQ for answers to the most frequently asked questions about Arrima.

User support

To contact us about Arrima, use the online form or contact us by phone.

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