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Étudier et vivre au Québec

Information session: Create your future in Québec after your studies

The Ministère de l'Immigration, de la Diversité et de l'Inclusion offers an information session Create your future in Québec after your studies, for foreign students currently enrolled in a Québec educational institution who wish to settle permanently in Québec with the intention of being gainfully employed.

Temporary foreign workers are also welcome.

Schedule of online information sessions: registration

To register for a free 120-minute online information session, make an appointment through the Online appointment scheduling service, after having created your consultation profile.

Upcoming sessions:

October 4      10:00 am

November 21  5:00 pm

Once you have completed this step, you will receive a confirmation message within 24 hours as well as instructions on how to participate in the session.

2018 schedule of information sessions in educational institutions.

For more information about the sessions that will be offered at your educational institution, please contact the student office. If no sessions will be given in your educational institution, register for an online information session. Please note that you cannot attend an information session in an institution where you have not registered.


October 2     2:00 pm    McGill University

October 10   9:00 am     Estrie - Bishop's University

October 18   1:00 pm     Polytechnique

October 23   12:30 pm    ETS

October 24   12:30 pm    McGill University

October 30    9:30 am     Concordia University

November 15 2:30 pm     McGill University

November 22 10:00 am    McGill University

November 30 1:30 pm     Bishop's University

December 3   2:30 pm     Concordia University






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