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Learning French is not only free, it’s rewarding!


Do you already live in Québec and want to learn French?

We have different learning formulas to offer!

Which formula is right for you?

Regardless of your level of French or how much time you have to devote to improving it, there’s a formula that’s right for you. By taking a full-time or part-time French course, you might even be eligible for financial assistance.

Full-time course

If you want to learn French quickly and you have the time, choose our beginner or intermediate full-time course, 30 hours a week.

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Part-time course

Too busy to take a full-time course? Several organizations and institutions partnered with the Ministère to offer beginner or intermediate part-time courses, daytime or evening, 12, 9, 6 or 4 hours a week.


Online courses

You want to take advantage of a really flexible schedule? Then opt for our Francisation en ligne service, for intermediate or advanced learning online, with the support of a tutor, or self-training without a tutor. You are a student or a temporary worker? You have access to this service.


Specialized French courses

You speak French, but work in a field that involves a specialized vocabulary? Some institutions offer French courses in a professional field: health and nursing; engineering and applied sciences; management, law and business. These intermediate and advanced courses are offered according to variable schedules.

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You can also learn French abroad.

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