Difference between selection and admission
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Difference between selection and admission

Immigration is a shared jurisdiction between the governments of Québec and Canada.

To immigrate to Québec, an applicant and his family must meet the requirements for both selection AND admission.


Québec is responsible for the selection of workers who wish to settle in Québec.

Québec exercises its selection power by applying a set of criteria that it establishes on its own based on its immigration goals.

Applicants who are selected receive a Certificat de sélection du Québec issued by the government of Québec.


Canada is responsible for the admission of workers who wish to settle in Canada.

Only skilled worker applicants previously selected by Québec are admitted to Québec by the Canadian government. In order to be admitted, a selected applicant must apply for permanent resident status and pass a medical examination and the required security checks (along with his family members).

An application for permanent residence is not accepted if the state of health of the applicant or a family member (accompanying or not) presents a risk to public health or safety or could cause excessive demand on health and social services in Canada, even if the applicant has obtained a CSQ.

Upon arrival, the applicant obtains permanent resident status. This status confers the same rights as are enjoyed by any Canadian citizen except for the right to vote and the right to obtain a Canadian passport. After three years of permanent residence, these rights may be granted to the applicant if he applies for Canadian citizenship.


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L'immigration au Québec : Partage des responsabilités Québec-Canada (PDF, 230 Ko)


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