Eligibility criteria
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Eligibility criteria

Applicants who wish to work in Québec providing unsupervised homecare to a child, an elderly person or a person with a disability must meet certain requirements:

  • have completed a secondary school diploma attesting to at least 11 years of full-time elementary and secondary school studies;
  • have acquired, in the three years preceding the application for a Certificat d'acceptation du Québec (CAQ - Québec Acceptance Certificate), at least one year of full-time remunerated professional experience in this field of employment, including at least 6 consecutive months with the same employer;


  • have successfully completed, in this field of employment, full-time vocational training of at least 6 months in a vocational school;
  • understand and speak French or English;
  • have signed an employment contract with an employer in Québec.
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