Social insurance number
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Social insurance number

Temporary workers must obtain a social insurance number (SIN) in the first days after arrival in Québec. To do so, you must complete the form provided to you by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) officer upon arrival. This form is also available at Human Resource Canada centres. You can also download the form from the Government of Canada Web site.

To obtain your SIN:

  • Fill out the application form for a social insurance number.
  • Go to the Human Resources Canada centre in your area and bring along this form as well as proofs of identity. You can also send in your application by mail.
  • Above all, do not forget to include on the form your mailing address where your plasticized card with your SIN can be sent.
  • Your SIN card in an important document. Keep it in a safe place (by law, only your employer has the right to ask to see your card).

After receiving the social insurance card, temporary workers must give the card number to their employer.

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