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To obtain the Minister’s consent to stay in Québec as a foreign student, you must:

  • Pay the fee required to process your application
  • Be admitted to an educational institution in Québec
  • Agree to comply with all the conditions for issuing your Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ) for studies, including:
    • Receiving instruction for the level of study for which the Minister’s consent was granted
    • Making your studies your principal activity and maintaining health and hospitalization insurance for you and the members of your family accompanying you for the duration of your stay
  • Have the financial capacity to cover:
    • Tuition fees
    • Transportation costs (round trip from your country of origin)
    • Settling-in expenses for the first year (C$500)
    • Living expenses for the duration of your stay
    • Health and hospitalization insurance costs (unless you can prove that you have valid health and hospitalization insurance in Québec or that you are covered by the Québec Health Insurance Plan, e.g., under a reciprocal social security agreement that includes a health component)



A child under the age of 17 not accompanied to Québec by his or her parents (father or mother) or legal guardian must be under the care of an adult in Québec (permanent resident or Canadian citizen).

A minor child who is already in Québec and accompanies a person with parental authority who is staying there as a temporary foreign worker or international student or in order to receive medical treatment is exempt from having to obtain the Minister’s consent to stay in Québec to attend a local elementary or secondary school. However, this consent must be obtained if the child wishes to pursue post-secondary education (including college).


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