List of exemptions
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List of exemptions

The following persons are exempt from the requirement to obtain the Minister’s consent to stay in Québec as an international student:

  • Students who wish to enrol in a training course lasting six months or less
  • Recipients of a Commonwealth scholarship or a full scholarship (covering all costs) from Global Affairs Canada, including Francophonie scholarships
  • Participants in a Canadian aid program for developing countries
  • The spouse and dependent children of diplomats, consular officers or international civil servants residing in Québec
  • Minor children (under age 18):
    • a) of preschool age (age 4 to 5) accompanying a person having parental authority who is residing in Québec as a temporary foreign worker or international student or in order to receive medical treatment
    • b) who are required to attend elementary or secondary school and are already in Québec with a parent who holds a work or study permit or are there to receive medical treatment
  • Minor children who are seeking asylum or are recognized as refugees or protected persons in Canada, or the children of persons who are seeking asylum or are recognized as refugees or protected persons in Canada
  • Holders of a valid Certificat de Sélection du Québec (CSQ – Québec Selection Certificate) whose application for permanent residence is processed in Canada, in particular persons recognized as refugees, persons classed as spouses in Canada and persons  holding a temporary resident permit under Section 24 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act that is issued with a view to the eventual granting of permanent residence
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