Financial capacity
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Financial capacity

To obtain the Minister’s consent to stay in Québec as a foreign student, you must demonstrate that you have sufficient financial resources to cover tuition fees, transportation expenses (round trip from your country of origin), settling-in expenses in the first year (C$500) and living expenses for the duration of your stay. If you are 17 years old and are not accompanied to Québec by your parents (father or mother) or your guardian, your basic needs are calculated as if you were 18 years old.

For the year 2021, living expenses are estimated at:


For one person under age 18 $6,569
For one person age 18 or older $13,134
For two persons age 18 or older $19,264
For one person over age 18 and one under age 18 $17,652
For two persons over age 18 and one under age 18 $21,579
For two persons over age 18 and two under age 18 $23,290

These fees are indexed every year on January 1st and do not include tuition fees.


The financial capacity you need to demonstrate must include the cost of health and hospitalization insurance for you and the members of your family accompanying you. This does not apply to persons who are covered by a reciprocity agreement on healthcare with Québec, namely:

  • insured individuals from Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal or Sweden and their dependents;
  • insured individuals of French nationality and their dependents;
  • insured individuals from Greece.

All of these individuals, with the exception of those from Finland or Sweden, must be registered as full-time students in Québec, in a CEGEP- or university-level program leading to a recognized diploma.

These individuals are covered by the Québec health and hospitalization insurance plan and are not required to pay a premium if they provide insurance certificates or or other required proof.

Proof of financial capacity

You must submit a copy of the documents requested below, depending on your situation:

  • recent proof of funds transfer or any other item indicating your assets and sources of income
  • recent authorization for funds transfer from the currency exchange control office of your country of origin or residence (if your country limits fund transfers)
  • recent official confirmation of the award of scholarships or bursaries indicating monthly and annual amounts to be received
  • recent pay slips, bank letter(s) (PDF, 36 Kb) indicating current balance, etc.
  • the most recent income tax notice of assessment, specifying annual income
  • bank statement for the last three months with current balance indicating the name of the account holder
  • bank letter indicating current balance or up-to-date bank book and proof of ownership of the book.

The documents you choose to submit must allow determination of the financial resources you have available to study in Québec.

The original or a certified true copy of the documents submitted may be requested by the Ministère at any time during the review of your application. It is important that the person submitting the application keep the original or the certified true copy in their possession. 


IMPORTANT: If you are age 18 or over and the expenses related to your stay in Québec in order to study are undertaken by another person (your father, mother or a third party), you must submit the following documents:

- the Declaration of financial support (PDF, 48 Kb) (model provided or blank sheet of paper) duly signed;
- detailed proof of this person’s financial capacity (employment letter indicating this person’s salary, pay slips, income tax return, bank letter(s) (PDF, 23 Kb) indicating account balance, etc.).


For minor children (under age 18) who are staying in Québec to study, refer to the section minor children.

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