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Required documents applicable to the country

First application in Canada

If you are staying temporarily in Canada and this is your first for temporary selection for studies, please enclose the following documents:

  • payment of fees to examine your application
  • legible photocopy of the identity pages of your passport containing your personal information and the passport expiry date
  • letter of admission from the registrar (or admissions office) of the educational institution you will attend
  • originals or photocopies of proof of financial capacity
  • proof that you will hold health and hospitalization insurance in Québec for the first year of validity of your CAQ for studies and that you will continue to have the necessary funds at your disposable to purchase such insurance for the entire duration of your studies. (Students who will be attending university do not have to provide proof of insurance.)

The required documents must be in French or English. Originals or copies of documents in a language other than French or English must be accompanied by a translation signed and certified by a professional translator.

Once your application has been accepted, two copies of your CAQ for studies will be mailed to the mailing address indicated on your application form. You must forward the copy marked “Immigration Canada” to Case Processing Centre at Citizenship and Immigration Canada or to the Canadian visa office that will examine your application for a study permit.

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