Minor children (under age 18)
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Minor children (under age 18)

Minor children accompanied or unaccompanied by their parents

Minor children at the primary or secondary level do not have to renew their CAQ for studies if they are accompanied to Québec by their father or mother whose status is other than that of a visitor.

Minor children who are either unaccompanied or accompanied by visiting parents must renew their CAQ for studies, regardless of their level of studies.

In addition to the other required documents for renewing a CAQ, their CAQ application must include the following documents:

  • a photocopy of their birth certificate bearing their parents’ names;
  • a photocopy of an identity document for each parent bearing their signature (passport, national ID card);
  • a recent original copy of the Declaration of parental authority (Dynamic PDF, 428 Kb), signed by both parents;
  • a recent original copy of the Declaration of guardianship for a minor child (Dynamic PDF, 424 Kb) signed by the person who has guardianship of the child in Québec.
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