Factors you should consider when choosing a program of study
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Factors you should consider when choosing a program of study

No matter which field of study you choose, there are certain factors you should keep in mind when you're looking for a program that suits you:

  • terminology: program titles may differ from one country to another. To familiarize yourself with their content, read the description of required program courses.
  • access: certain programs are not accessible to foreign students. Before submitting your application for admission, find out from the institution whether you have access to the program you wish to pursue.
  • duration of program: if you wish to acquire a competence without seeking a diploma or degree (a title allowing you to advance to the next level of study), a one-year undergraduate or graduate honours program leading to a certificate or a Diplôme d’études supérieures spécialisées (DESS) (advanced degree) may be suitable for you.
  • language of instruction: you can study in French or English in Québec. Educational institutions are either francophone or anglophone, although some offer programs in the other language.
  • size and location of institution: the quality of a diploma is not a reflection of the size of the institution. For example, small universities have fewer students per class and provide more personalized attention.
  • professional requirements: to ensure that you make an informed choice, find out about the requirements of the profession you plan to enter as soon as possible.
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