General admission requirements
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Knowing the general admission requirements

Your admission depends on your educational credentials and language capabilities. Other requirements may also apply. If, when submitting your application for admission, your educational credentials or language capabilities do not fully meet the stated requirements, you may be admitted on condition that you successfully complete certain courses.

Educational credentials
Equivalent studies
Language capabilities


For information on the specific admission requirements pertaining to a program of study, contact the institution you wish to attend.  


Educational credentials

To be admitted to a Québec educational institution, your educational credentials must be equivalent to those required of Québec students.

At the undergraduate level, you must have earned the equivalent of the Diploma of pre-university college studies (DCS), which recognizes two years of schooling following secondary school, i.e. 13 years in all. Some universities may accept students who have completed 12 years of schooling, in which case the university program would be extended by one year.

At the college level, you must have earned the equivalent of the Diploma of Secondary Studies (DSS), which recognizes 11 years of schooling.

Equivalent studies

The evaluation of your diploma or the studies you have completed outside Québec is conducted by the higher learning institution or the regional admission service at the college level. Prerequisite requirements, or course recognition through equivalency, can therefore vary from one institution or one regional admission service to another.

Course equivalencies are granted (where applicable) only after the candidate’s admission has been confirmed.

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Make sure you provide an official description of the relevant courses you have successfully completed, along with the corresponding grade transcripts. This will increase your chances of being granted equivalencies for certain courses.  


At the general or vocational secondary levels, you must, at the institution’s request and prior to your definitive admission, submit a Comparative Evaluation for Studies Done Outside Québec.


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Language capabilities

To be admitted to a program of study in French or English, you must have sufficient language skills to be able to complete the program successfully. Educational institutions may assess your language level in whatever manner they see fit.

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