Take steps to successfully integrate into Québec
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Take steps to successfully integrate into Québec

Perhaps you took certain steps before arriving in Québec. If so, you have already made your first concrete efforts to facilitate your integration.

To pursue or start your integration process once in Québec, make use of our practical guide Learning about Québec – Your Guide to Successful Integration as soon as possible. This indispensable tool will help you evaluate your needs, set realistic goals and choose the most effective way to attain them.

This tool will serve you well when meeting with representatives the Ministère or the community organizations working with new immigrants as well as with individuals who will help you in your efforts to enter the job market.

First steps upon arrival

Some steps must be taken as soon as you arrive in Québec. To save time, refer to the instructions provided in Learning about Québec – Your Guide to Successful Integration. This tool enumerates, in particular, the steps to take as soon as you arrive and throughout your integration process:

  • choose where to settle
  • find housing
  • obtain important documents as soon as you arrive in Québec (health insurance card, social insurance number, permanent resident card, driver’s license)
  • enrol in a French class to upgrade your skills
  • access public services (education, child care, health and social, municipal, employment and family asssistance) and banking services
  • broaden your network of contacts
  • adapt to the Québec job market
  • pursue or begin your job search or start your own business as a self-employed worker
  • pursue or begin the process with a regulatory body in order to practise a regulated profession or trade, if applicable.


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The guide also provides reception and integration support services for new immigrants. You can also contact Immigration-Québec’s partner organizations for support during your first steps or for help with more specific processes.

Find out about the climate, banking services and credit, Canadian currency, consumer taxes, business hours, public transportation (bus and metro) and information sources (telephone directories, emergency, Immigration-Québec’s general information service for immigrants, Services Québec). Refer to Daily life in Québec.  



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