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Submit an official immigration application

Starting January 1, 2020, a new selection condition regarding the learning of democratic values and Québec values as expressed in the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms will apply to all economic immigration programs. For more details, go to News.

This section describes the steps to follow in submitting an application for permanent selection to immigrate to Québec under the Regular Skilled Worker Program.

  1. If you wish to immigrate to Québec, you must first create an account on the new Arrima portal and submit an expression of interest (EI) form. This expression will be deposited in the Expressions of Interest Bank (EIB).

    You can submit your EI online, free-of-charge. It allows you to express your interest in immigrating to Québec, at any time. You won’t need to provide any documents at this stage.

    The expression of interest form contains the following information:
    - Personal information
    - Contact information
    - Family situation
    - Status in Québec
    - Education
    - Work experience
    - Job offer validated by the Ministère, if you have one
    - Knowledge of French and English
    - Additional informations

    You can access your EI form at any time to update it, even after it has been deposited in the EIB.

    Conditions for submitting a valid expression of interest:

    To submit an expression of interest in immigrating to Québec, you must be 18 years or over.

    Your EI is valid for 12 months from the date of submission. If you are not invited to submit an application for permanent selection within this period, your EI will become invalid and you will not be able to extend or renew it. However, you will be able to submit a new EI at no charge if you wish.

    To learn more

    Arrima portal

  2. If your profile corresponds to the invitation criteria established by the Ministère, you may be invited to submit an application for permanent selection.
    The Ministère gives priority to candidates whose profiles meet Québec's needs and who have a high potential of integration.

    More specifically, the invitations are based on criteria and groups of criteria defining the person’s profile in terms of employability. These criteria are divided into three main categories:

    - Criteria related to human capital (work experience, proficiency in French, level of education, etc.)
    - Criteria that will help the person find a job in Québec
    - Criteria related to the changing needs of the job market (such as areas of training associated with fields experiencing labour shortages)

    Certain invitations will be based on specific criteria such as having a validated job offer, having earned a degree in Québec, or having temporary worker status with at least six months work experience in Québec.

    For the most up-to-date information on these invitations, go to the News page.

  3. If you are invited by the Ministère to submit an immigration application, you must complete your permanent selection application form.
    If you are invited, you will receive confidential information for accessing your permanent selection application form. The prepopulated information on your EI form will be transferred to your permanent selection application form. You will have to add certain information to complete your application and pay the required fees.

    You must provide the following information in your application:
    - Your regulated profession or trade in Québec
    - Your place of residence
    - Your stays in Québec
    - Your family in Québec
    - Your previous applications


    You will have a maximum of 60 days from the date you receive your invitation to complete your application for permanent selection and pay the required processing fee, after which your application will no longer be valid.

  4. You must then send the required documents in support of your application for permanent selection.
    When the Ministère is ready to assess your application, you will receive a personalized list of required documents. You will have 60 days to send the documents by mail. The Ministère will start reviewing your application once it receives your documents.

    Prepare your documents carefully to ensure efficient processing of your application.

    Documents must be:

    - Duly completed and signed
    - Submitted within the time period set by the Ministère (maximum of 60 days)
    - Provided in the required format. (For the requirements on the “certified true copy” format and translations, go to the rules regarding documents. For information on who is authorized to certify documents, go to the List of authorities recognized by the Ministère for certifying documents.

  5. The Ministère will process your application using the Regular Skilled Worker Program selection grid.

    Once the Ministère receives your documents, it will check that your application is complete, namely that you have submitted all the required documents in the right format. If your application is complete, it will undergo a selection review, with no further notification from the Ministère. If you application is incomplete, you will receive a message to this effect in your account.

    The Ministère will finish analyzing your application and make a decision based on the Regular Skilled Worker Program selection grid.

    Application review process

    Here is what can happen once your application has been assessed:

    1. Selection based on your file: In some cases, an interview is not necessary and the application is processed based solely on the applicant’s file. If you obtain a passing score on the selection grid, an interview may not be necessary. In this case, you will receive your Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ – Québec selection certificate) along with information on Québec. You will be notified of the next steps in your immigration process.

    2. Intent to refuse: You may receive a letter informing you that your application will be refused unless you provide, within 60 days, documented proof justify reconsideration of the decision. If the requested proof is received within the prescribed timeframe, the assessment of your application will continue. If not, your application will be refused. You then have the possibility of submitting a request for an administrative review.

    3. Notice to attend an interview: If an interview is required, you will receive a notice specifying the date, time, and place of the interview as well as the documents to bring with you.

    During this interview, the immigration counsellor will verify the information provided in your permanent selection application, particularly the information on your education, work experience, and proficiency in French and English.

    Following the interview, three results are possible:

    - Approval: If the assessment is positive, the counsellor will inform you of the next steps to follow in your immigration process. If possible, the counsellor will immediately issue your Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ – Québec Selection Certificate). Otherwise it will be mailed to you. You will also receive a kit containing important information, which you will be asked to read carefully. Depending on your needs, the counsellor may also give you other documents.

    - Intent to refuse/refusal: If your application does not achieve a passing score, the immigration counsellor will issue an intent to refuse, and then a refusal if you have no supporting documentation that could change this decision. If supporting documentation is missing, the counsellor will give you an explanatory notice of intent to refuse the application. You will then have 60 days to provide the supporting documents requested. If you do not provide the necessary documents within this timeframe, your application will be refused. You will then have the possibility of submitting a request for an administrative review.

Do you wish to use the services of a mandatary?

If you decide to use the paid services of an individual, note that only the following individuals are authorized to represent you before the Ministère


Note that all candidates are obligated to inform the Ministère if they are being represented by a paid individual. Hiding this information from the Ministère is a serious offence that could adversely affect your immigration procedure. Be vigilant when you hire someone to represent you, and respect your obligations.

If you are retaining the services of a mandatary and you are invited to file an application for permanent selection:

You must send the originals of the following documents to the Ministère by mail:

If applicable, you must also send a copy of the special authorization issued to your mandatary by the Barreau du Québec or the Chambre des notaires du Québec.

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