Essential needs
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Essential needs

What commitment is the sponsor undertaking?
From a financial standpoint, the sponsor must assume for the entire duration of the signed undertaking:

  • the expenses related to the establishment in Québec of the sponsored person and of his or her family, including housing costs, furnishings, travel, food and clothing
  • the expenses pertaining to necessary health care, services and drugs not covered or not reimbursed by a public insurance plan
  • the costs that arise from procedures or preparations necessary to help the sponsored person enter the job market or look for a job and that are not covered by a government program.

The sponsor also undertakes to:

  • help the sponsored person and his or her family settle in
  • help them to learn French
  • support them in their search for work
  • facilitate their integration into Québec society.


If the sponsor fails to fulfill his or her commitments and a sponsored person requests financial assistance of last resort (social assistance) during the term of the undertaking, the amounts paid by the government constitute a debt that the sponsor is obligated to reimburse.  

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