Instructions and forms – Non-profit legal person
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Instructions and forms – Non-profit legal person

To help you fill out your application form, read the following instructions carefully.


The undertaking covers the principal sponsored person and, if applicable, his or her spouse and dependent children. A separate undertaking agreement must be signed for any other person who does not fit the definition of a spouse, a de facto spouse, or a dependent child.

On the sponsorship application, it is essential to declare:

- all members of the immediate family of the person you are sponsoring (spouse and dependent children), even if they are not accompanying the sponsored person;
- members of the sponsored person’s immediate family (spouse and dependent children) who are missing if you do not have confirmation that they are deceased.


Undertaking application form

Make sure that you fill out all the sections of the Formulaire d’engagement – Sélection des personnes réfugiées à l'étranger - Personne morale form (In french only – PDF, 145 KB) (Undertaking Application Form – Selection of Refugees Abroad – Non-Profit Organization), paying special attention to the following sections:

Section 2, box B “Accompanying family members of the principal sponsored person” – You must enter the names of the persons who fit the definition of family member and are living with the principal sponsored person or whose contact information you have and who will be able to arrive in Québec with the principal sponsored person.

Section 2, box C “Non-accompanying family members of the principal sponsored person who are covered by the undertaking” – Enter the names of all family members who would accompany the principal sponsored person if they could. For example, this could be a spouse or dependent child whose whereabouts are unknown or who is in his or her country of origin or some other country and whose application cannot be processed simultaneously by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. It is important to include this person on the undertaking form and inform the principal sponsored person that he or she must also include this person on his or her application for permanent residence.

Section 6 – Sign the form in the space provided, and enter the date and the location.

Pay particular attention to the section on the reception and integration plan. You must clearly identify any person, group or host committee involved in the sponsorship with you. You must also indicate the role that these sponsorship partners will play, by checking off the appropriate boxes.

List of documents to include

To submit an application, you must send us the following documents in addition to the undertaking application form:

  • A copy of the charter or document that constitutes the corporation (your non-profit organization)
  • A copy of the corporation’s resolution, on corporate letterhead, authorizing the representative to sign the undertaking, signed by the required number of persons in accordance with your corporation’s rules
  • The list of directors of the corporation
  • The by-laws of the corporation
  • A copy of the financial statements for the last two fiscal years, accompanied by a review and audit engagement report signed by an accountant (C.A., C.G.A., or C.M.A.)
  • A photocopy of the passport or other identification document of each sponsored person


Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration may verify or have verified with third parties the accuracy of the information provided on your application. It may reject an undertaking application because it contains false or misleading information or documents and may refuse to consider an undertaking application from a person who has provided false or misleading information or documents for two years or less. The Ministère may also initiate criminal proceedings against the sponsor if it provides false or misleading information.


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