Helping the person you are sponsoring prepare for this interview
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Helping the person you are sponsoring prepare for this interview

You can help the person you are sponsoring prepare for the interview by explaining the process and the factors that are considered in the assessment of his or her candidacy.

The candidate is called in writing to one or two interviews. If requested, candidates must confirm their attendance and arrive on time with all the required documentation.

If the candidate does not speak French or English, an interpreter will be present to help during the interview. The candidate must then make sure that he or she understands the interpreter well and is understood in turn.

The candidate will be questioned to determine if he or she belongs to a category that is eligible for collective sponsorship. He or she must provide exhaustive disclosure of the nature and causes of his or her current situation. The candidate must provide details regarding the time, date and location of the events in question and persons or organizations associated with his or her distressful situation. The candidate is also questioned on his or her education, work experience, family life, French and English skills, knowledge of Québec and motivation to settle there.

The candidate must provide truthful, specific and explicit answers to all the questions. If the candidate deems certain elements to be important and is not questioned about them, it is up to him or her to bring them up during the interview. A declaration containing false information may result in an immigration application being rejected.

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