Responsabilities and obligations
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Responsabilities and obligations

It is very important that you have all the information you need to make an enlightened decision. You must think very seriously before entering an undertaking agreement as the responsibilities and obligations entailed remain in effect for the duration of the commitment.

Responsibilities of the SPONSOR (guarantor)

toward the sponsored person

By sponsoring a close relative you commit to providing for that person’s basic needs for the entire duration of the undertaking (food, clothing, personal necessities and housing costs).

In short, you are committing to ensure that this person and any accompanying family members are not a financial burden for the host society.

You also have the responsibility to provide the sponsored person with all necessary information to facilitate his or her settlement in Québec.

toward the government

Sponsorship is a contractual agreement you make with the Québec government to support a sponsored person.

If the person you sponsored or an accompanying family member turns to government assistance in the form of financial assistance of last resort (social assistance) or special allowances (e.g., glasses, dental care, hearing aids), you are legally required to reimburse these sums.

You may also be required to reimburse significant housing costs if the sponsored person stays, for example, in a public long-term care facility.

Responsibilities of the SPONSORED PERSON

toward the sponsor (guarantor)

You must keep your sponsor informed of how your basic needs are being met and of any change of address.

You must also inform your sponsor of any steps you take to obtain financial aid, particularly government assistance.

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