Québec society, foundations and values
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Québec society, foundations and values

To immigrate to Québec and do business and live there, you need to understand and accept how things are done and how people live. Where should you start?

  • First, learn about the values of Québec society and the rights and responsibilities of immigrants.
  • If you haven’t already done so, learn about aspects of daily life in Québec:
    • Llooking for a place to settle
    • Health services and the health insurance card
    • Childcare services and elementary, secondary, college and university education
    • Means of transportation.
  • Read Québec newspapers and magazines for the latest news.
  • Read about the history, politics and status of women and discover the works of Québec literature, etc.

Immerse yourself in Québec! The better you understand it, the more you’ll appreciate it.


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