Preparing for your life in Québec
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Preparing for your life in Québec

Take advantage of the time before your departure to begin to prepare for your new life in Québec. You’ll save a great deal of time, energy and money.

Learning About Québec – Your Guide to Successful Integration

As soon as possible, consult the tool, Learning About Québec – Your Guide to Successful Integration. It will help you evaluate your needs, set realistic goals and determine effective ways to achieve them. This guide is an essential tool for all new immigrants. Although it is more specifically intended for workers, it can assist you in all your proceedings not linked to business.

Business immigrants’ projects are often family affairs involving a spouse and children of working age. But if the members of your family have their own career plans, the Guide contains a section for persons interested in entering the labour market.

Key steps in order to be well prepared

Learning About Québec: Your Guide to Successful Integration sets out a number of steps that you can undertake from abroad:

  • familiarize yourself with Québec society, its foundations and values
  • know your responsibilities and those of the host society
  • improve your knowledge of French, if applicable
  • learn about housing
  • gather together the necessary documents to bring to Québec (list)
  • estimate the costs of settling in Québec
  • learn about the Québec labour market and how to look for a job
  • start procedures with respect to a regulatory body governing a regulated profession or trade, if applicable
  • apply for an Évaluation comparative des études effectuées hors du Québec (Comparative Evaluation for Studies Done outside Québec), if applicable
  • find out about the programs and services for new immigrants.




Service d'intégration en ligne

Do you wish to integrate quickly into Québec? You can do so using our Service d'intégration en ligne (SIEL – Online integration service)!


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