Many good reasons for choosing Québec
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Many good reasons for choosing Québec

Extensive potential markets

Québec is an ideal location for companies seeking to conquer North American markets, with easy access to a market of over 130 million consumers within a radius of 1,000 kilometres.

A quality workforce

Québec has a large and well-trained workforce characterized by availability, multilingualism and competitive rates of pay.

Competitive operating costs

Operating costs in Québec are attractive for businesses. Labour, energy, and commercial construction and lease costs are particularly competitive.

An efficient transportation network

Québec’s integrated transportation network provides rapid access to markets across North America. Its international, regional and local airports, 70,000 km of roads, 6,600 km of railways, 10 ports, 40 maritime routes and state-of-the-art telecommunications networks facilitate trade with the rest of the world.

Abudant venture capital

For a number of years now, Québec has been the Canadian centre for venture capital.

An advantageous corporate tax system

Québec has one of the lowest tax rates on corporate profits in North America. This low rate, combined with certain tax measures intended to support new businesses and investments, makes Québec’s system highly competitive.

Flexible administrative procedures

Procedures for registering or incorporating a business in Québec are fast, streamlined and inexpensive.

Registraire des entreprises (Enterprise register)

Business support programs

Several support programs are available to meet the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Québec. They are designed to encourage business growth and may take the form of loan guarantees, repayable contributions, tax credits or subsidies:

  • Technical support and guidance for business plan development, site selection, prospecting and partnerships

  • Financial support for business start-up and expansion, export, design, innovation, research and development


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