Getting settled and facilitating your family’s integration
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Getting settled and facilitating your family’s integration

Don’t hesitate to use the various services the Ministère and its partners make available to new immigrants. You will save time and accelerate your settlement and integration in Québec.

Steps to take as soon as you arrive

The path to integration differs for each new arrival, depending on their needs and personal goals. Learning About Québec – Your Guide to Successful Integration can help you evaluate your needs and discover the steps to take to make your integration and that of your family that much easier.

Although this Guide is more specifically intended for workers, it can help you in all your proceedings not linked to business.

It contains information and advice on:

  • finding a place to settle
  • the important documents you need to obtain as soon as you arrive in Québec (health insurance card, social insurance number, permanent resident card, driver’s license)
  • French courses
  • public services (education, childcare, medical, social, municipal, employment, family assistance).

You’ll also discover welcome and integration support services offers to all new immigrants. You can also contact Immigration-Québec’s partner organizations for support during your first steps or for help with more specific processes.




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