To obtain the attestation
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To obtain the attestation

To obtain the attestation, you must successfully complete the online assessment or participate in an Objectif Intégration information session in Québec.

Online assessment

The assessment is conducted in Moodle, an online learning platform. You will receive a custom ID so that you can create an account and take your assessment.

Assessment process

  • You will be required to answer 20 randomly selected questions;
  • You will have three hours to complete your assessment;
  • Once the assessment has been completed, your results will be sent to the ministry automatically.

Successful assessment

  • You will need a passing grade of at least 75% to obtain your attestation.

Unsuccessful assessment

If you fail, you will be required to wait at least two weeks before retaking the assessment.

If you have a valid work or study permit

If you fail the online assessment on your second attempt, you will need to attend an Objectif Intégration information session, offered exclusively in Québec.

If you do not have a valid work or study permit

If you fail the online assessment on your second attempt, you can choose to take it for a third and final time, or travel to Québec to participate in the Objectif Intégration information session. If you fail the online assessment on your third attempt, or if you have not participated in an Objectif Intégration information session, your application will be rejected.

For more information on the online assessment, please refer to the Guide pratique des valeurs démocratiques et des valeurs québécoises (in French - PDF, 1 233 kB).

Courtesy translations of this document are also available in English, Spanish and Mandarin.

Objectif Intégration

The Objectif Intégration information session takes a broad look at the integration of new arrivals into Québec society. It includes considerable information about democratic values and Québec values. The session is offered exclusively in Québec.

How the session works

  • The information session lasts 24 hours, spread over a number of days;
  • To obtain the attestation of participation, you must attend the entire session;
  • At the end of the session, your attestation of participation will be sent to the ministry automatically.

The conditions for obtaining the attestation will vary depending on your status in Québec.


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