Financial aid (conditions of eligibility)
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Financial aid (conditions of eligibility)

Part-time and specialized French courses

When you are taking part-time courses or specialized courses, you may be eligible to receive financial assistance to help cover child care expenses for your child.

This financial assistance is set at $7 per child, per day of training.

Admission requirements

In order to be eligible for this financial assistance, the person who takes care of your child cannot be your spouse.

Financial assistance cannot be granted to two spouses registered for a French course from the Ministère for the care of the same dependent children.

Persons who are not entitled to financial assistance:

  • Immigrants in the following categories: asylum seekers and temporary residents. 
  • Persons who are participating in francization activities other than regular or specialized part-time courses, such as:
    • online French courses;
    • distance education, training within a company or in another organization in the workplace environment;
    • immersion internships;
    • francization supporting activities that are not connected with a course.


Requesting reimbursement of child care expenses

To request financial assistance, you must fill out the form below and send it to the management of your course location:

If you have a spouse, you must also complete and submit the following document:


INFORMATION: Contact the Customer contact centre.

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