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Full-time French courses

Accelerate your integration in Québec by taking a full-time French course. Full-time French courses are offered through the Linguistic Integration Program for immigrants.

Since July 1, 2019:

  • Anyone holding an immigration status, regardless of how long they have lived in Quèbec, can take a free full-time French course and obtain financial assistance offered for participating in this course. Prior to this, only immigrants living in Québec for less than five years were eligible.
  • Financial assistance for immigrants registered in a full-time French course has increased.  The allowance for participation has been increased from $141 to $185 per week. There is also the possibility of receiving a transportation allowance and a child care allowance for a maximum of $25 per child or dependent person, per day of training.
  • Temporary workers, foreign students, as well as their spouse, are now eligible for full-time French courses as well as the accompanying financial assistance. Prior to this, individuals who were temporarily residing in Québec did not have access to in-class French courses offered by the Government of Québec. Read the notice for individuals temporarily residing in Québec.

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Notice for individuals temporarily residing in Québec:
An immigrant holding a work or study permit must respect the conditions related to their status. If the registration for a full-time French course does not conform to these conditions, the immigrant could lose their temporary resident status. Failure to respect the conditions of their stay could also lead to a refusal of the next application to stay in Québec or elsewhere in Canada. It is the immigrant’s responsibility to know the conditions related to their status and respect them. For more information, contact Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.


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