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Throughout the session, the instructor will evaluate your progress. Oral and written comprehension and production will be evaluated at different times during the course and in the final week of the course.

The evaluations are part of the instruction and allow you to see where  you stand in your learning and to change your way of learning, where appropriate.

At the end of the training program, you will receive a report card indicating your language skill level. A report card may also be issued after each course if you request it. Immigration, Refugees and  Citizenship Canada accepts the Ministère reports as proof that you meet the language requirements to apply for Canadian citizenship.

Review of end-of-course evaluation

You may request a review of the end-of-course  evaluation if you believe that your results do not correspond to your skills. In  this case, you must complete the form Demande de révision des résultats d’évaluation  de fin de cours (Request for review of end-of-course evaluation) (dynamic PDF, 684 kb), sign it and give it to the person responsible for francization at your instruction  location within five business days following the sending of the results.

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