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Learning French outside Québec

French is the official language of Québec: it is the language of education, work, business, trade and culture. When you live in Québec, French will be your everyday language. Speaking French will facilitate your integration and participation in Québec society.

The Ministère offers services for learning French outside Québec.

Online francization

If you already have knowledge of French, you can register for the online francization service under certain conditions, but you must first take a placement test.

Access to language schools outside Québec

The Ministère has signed agreements with language schools around the world, in particular with the Alliance française schools.

The Ministère's partner schools have extensive resource materials dealing with Québec. As a result, by learning French as a second language with a Ministère partner, you can also become familiar with Québec society.

To find out the countries and schools that have agreements with the Government of Québec, consult the List of agreements with language schools.

Reimbursement of fees

The Ministère can reimburse up to C$1500 to immigrants who took French courses outside Québec after they obtain their Québec selection certificate (Certificat de sélection du Québec). Find out about the reimbursement of fees for French courses.

Assessment of French knowledge to immigrate

To submit an application under the Regulars Skilled Worker Program and obtain the number of points required in the selection grid for knowledge of French, you must present attestations of assessment test results or diplomas recognized by the Ministère.

For more information on this subject, consult the section French knowledge for candidates from the Regular Skilled Worker Program. 

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