Power of Attorney
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Power of Attorney


What is a power of attorney?

The power of attorney is a contract in which you appoint someone to represent you and act on your behalf in order to carry out certain steps with the Ministère. You are therefore the mandator. The person who agrees to represent you is your mandatary.

If you choose to be represented by a mandatary for your immigration process (whether this person is paid or not), you must mail the power of attorney to the Ministère. The powers of your mandatary extend not only to what is stipulated in the power of attorney, but also to everything that arises from it.

The Ministère has made the following form available to you, which is easy to fill out:


Moreover, if you decide to retain the services of a remunerated person, you should know that the Ministère only deals with duly authorized individuals. This is why you must indicate in your power of attorney if your mandatary is:


The power of attorney ends if:

  • an event makes it impossible for the mandate to be executed;
  • the mandator revokes the power of attorney;
  • the mandatory renounces the power of attorney;
  • the mandatory or the mandatory dies.


Once the date stipulated in the power of attorney has occurred or once the mandatary and the mandator have fulfilled all of their obligations, the power of attorney is considered terminated.

It is your responsibility to inform the Ministère of any change regarding a power of attorney contained in your file. The Ministère accepts no responsibility in this respect.


Downloading, printing and saving forms

  • To view or print PDF files, you must download the Adobe Reader program (version 6.0 or higher) available for free on the Adobe website.
  • You can complete on line the forms marked "dynamic." Print, sign and forward them by mail.
  • It is possible to save the dynamic PDF form using Acrobat Reader (version 6.0 or higher) and a minimal version of Windows XP. To save, click on the "Save" button on the Acrobat Reader toolbar.


1 Person who receives a power of attorney to act on behalf of another person or represent him.
2 Person who gives a mandatary the power and mandate to act on his behalf.

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