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Refugees and other clienteles – Forms

Refugee recognized in Canada

You live in Québec and have just been recognized as a refugee or person in need of protection by the Immigration and Refugee Board. You can apply for your selection certificate online by using the form Demande de Certificat de sélection du Québec – Personne reconnue réfugiée au Canada ou personne à protéger (et les membres de sa famille) (Application for a Québec Selection Certificate – Refugee recognized in Canada or person in need of protection [and family members])

Refugee or person in need of protection – Bringing your spouse or children to Québec

You are a refugee or a person in need of protection and want to bring your spouse or de facto spouse and dependent children to Québec. You must complete the form Demande pour faire venir au Québec les membres de la famille restés à l’étranger (Programme Délai prescrit d’un an pour personnes réfugiées ou à protéger) (Application to bring family members who are still abroad to Québec [One-Year Window of Opportunity Program for refugees or persons in need of protection]) to apply to the governments of Canada and Québec.

Collective sponsorship

For collective sponsorship, you must use the form that corresponds to the composition of your group:

Sponsored refugee

You must be selected by Québec according to the collective sponsorship procedure.

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