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Is SIEL useful? What do clients think?

People in the self-training program

  • I loved this program because it really helped me integrate into Québec.
  • I hope that you continue the remarkable work you are doing because it is key to our successful integration.
  • My participation in this program greatly facilitated my integration into Québec society. I obtained all of the information I needed. I recommend SIEL to anyone who wants to settle in Québec.

People with personalized online accompaniment

  • Very good initiative by SIEL. Very enriching, useful and effective training for integrating into Québec. Thank you!
  • The information on the platform is very useful, well organized and targeted. My agent’s accompaniment and advice were excellent.
  • I find that SIEL is a very good tool. It allowed me to be well prepared for my arrival in Québec. Having an agent to guide me was very beneficial and I am thankful to that person for all the support I received.
  • I would like to thank the entire SIEL team and all of the MICC’s staff. […] Thanks to you, we are much better informed about Québec. We were able to prepare our CVs and cover letters according to a Québec model. We already know the regions where we can settle. We have contacted landlords, and we have taken the first steps towards contacting our professional orders.


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