What are the training formats and tools offered?
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What do you need to apply online?

To apply online, you must have access to:

  • a computer that has all the required technical specifications
  • an e-mail address
  • a credit card: Visa, MasterCard or American Express and pay the required application fees. (The card may be in your name, your parents’ name or in the name of a third party who has agreed to pay these fees)

If you are sending your documents by mail, you will need access to a printer to print your electronic receipt of payment, your personalized checklist, as well as the additional form(s) to be signed and mailed.

IMPORTANT: If you do not yet have a printer, you can save the data by creating your consultation profile (step 10 of the application process) before quitting the program. You may then make the payment at a later date.

You must also accept to receive all correspondence respecting your application for temporary selection for studies via your online consultation file rather than by mail.

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