A few characteristics of the Québec job market
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A few characteristics of the Québec job market

  • Eleven years of schooling is the minimum training period required for most jobs. This corresponds to a high school diploma (DES).
  • Written and spoken knowledge of French and English significantly increases your chances of job advancement.
  • Good knowledge of the written language is highly valued in the professional job market.
  • Some professions and trades are regulated, requiring various conditions to be fulfilled in order to practise them. If this is your case, you must contact the professional order or relevant regulatory body to obtain the necessary information.
  • Québec offers good opportunities for self-employed work.
  • The Québec job market offers full-time, part-time, temporary and contract work.
  • Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) hire the greatest number of workers.
  • Your chances of obtaining an interview with a potential employer are greater outside the summer vacation period.
  • The dominant values of Québec companies are generally equality, cooperation, flexibility and participation. Québec managers value employee participation in the company. While not always the case, they often consult their subordinates as needed. They expect direct communication and constructive comments from employees.
  • Equal opportunity is a very important value in Québec. Even if you come from a privileged socioeconomic background and hold degrees from distinguished schools in your country of origin, employers will still expect you to prove yourself, like any other Quebecer. This may mean filling a less qualified position, a part-time job or a contract position, at least for a while.
  • In Québec, the terms stipulated in a job contract have greater weight than the relationship you may establish with your employer. Functions associated with a job are generally clearly defined, but leave room for the employee’s personal initiative. If a conflict arises with your employer, the terms of the contract, rather than the relationship you have with your employer, will generally govern the outcome of the dispute.
  • Québec employers value employees who are prompt and respect deadlines. Work meetings are usually organized with a specific agenda to make sure that discussions are structured and orderly and that the meeting’s objectives are met.
  • In Québec, hiring and promotion are generally based on skill, accomplishments and individual employee performance. Often, Québec employers also take into account the individual’s capacity to integrate into the work team.
  • Women are very well represented in the Québec job market. As with men, they practise the professions or trades of their choice. They occupy a variety of occupations and participate at every level of the business hierarchy.
  • In Québec, young people can be considered skilled even if they have little experience. Consequently, young people sometimes supervise others with greater experience.
  • Québec managers usually try to work by consensus and resolve conflict through negotiation and compromise.

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