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Working in Québec

You just received your Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ) and will be submitting your application for permanent residence to the Canadian visa office that serves your country of origin? It will take several months for your federal visa to be issued. Take advantage of the period before your departure to Québec to start preparing for your new life.

Here are the main steps you can take right away to facilitate your employment integration once in Québec:

Learn about Québec’s job market

Find out as soon as possible about Québec’s job market, its unique features and prevailing values. First, find out about some of the characteristics of the Québec job market.

Explore job prospects in your area of expertise

Find out about the sector of activity in which you would like to work. It  will prove useful to know the features, professions and trades related to this sector as well as the associations, organizations and businesses that operate within it.

Find out if you need a comparative evaluation of your studies

Your future employer, a teaching institution or a regulatory agency may require a comparative evaluation to understand the nature of your studies. Find out if you need a comparative evaluation before you request it.

Find out if your trade or profession is regulated in Québec

The trade or profession you wish to practise in Québec may be governed by a regulatory agency or framed by regulatory requirements. Find out if this is the case and, if applicable, take the necessary steps as soon as possible to obtain the right to exercise your trade or profession.

Explore the regions that offer good job prospects

Aside from Montréal, Québec offers 16 regions to settle, with good job prospects in various sectors of activity. Take the time to find out about them before choosing where you want to settle.

Learn English, in addition to French, if it is a job requirement

Some jobs may require knowledge of English, especially in the Montréal region. If this is the case, you will have to acquire sufficient knowledge of English.

Prepare your application file and consult job offers

To enter the job market, you must find out about employer expectations in Québec and prepare your application file.

You can even create your own job

Québec offers a dynamic and stimulating business environment. Many resources are available to help you start your own business or become self-employed (independent worker). Find out about the resources available to create your own job.


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