Comparative evaluation for studies done outside Québec
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Comparative evaluation for studies done outside Québec

The Évaluation comparative des études effectuées hors du Québec (Comparative evaluation for studies done outside Québec) is an expert opinion issued by the Ministère de l'Immigration, de la Diversité et de l'Inclusion for reference purposes only. It is neither a diploma nor an equivalency diploma.

The comparative evaluation establishes an overall comparison between two official education systems. It indicates the educational benchmarks (or main diplomas) and areas of training in Québec that can be used to compare studies done outside Québec.

While the comparative evaluation does not create any obligation for them, many regulatory bodies and employers use it as a tool in their admission and hiring process. For example, to access jobs in Québec’s public service, the comparative evaluation is given consideration on the same basis as diplomas obtained in Québec.


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