Sharing Québec’s key values
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Sharing Québec’s key values

Québec welcomes immigrants from around the world, each with their own aspirations, skills and know-how.

To facilitate your integration into Québec society, it is important for you to appropriate and abide by Québec’s key values.

They revolve around five main thrusts, which make Québec a distinct society:

  • Québec is a French-speaking society.
  • Québec is a democratic society.
  • Equality between women and men.
  • The rights and responsibilities of Quebecers.
  • Québec is a secular society.

The department, in collaboration with partner organizations, also offers you information sessions in French to foster your integration and participation in Québec society.

These deal with, among other things:

  • The principal values of Québec society
  • The way these values are incorporated into daily life
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