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While not required, it is strongly advised that you insure your furniture and your apartment or house. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a difficult situation if, for example, your belongings are lost in a fire or stolen. Furthermore, if you are responsible for a fire in the building where you live, you could be required to pay the cost of the damage to the property and the effects of the other tenants. If you take out a mortgage, the lending institution will require you to insure the building.

Private brokers and insurance companies offer a wide range of coverage for fire, theft and civil liability. Thus, before you commit to a policy, find out about the various options available from people you know and insurance companies. Premiums can vary widely for a given coverage. It is possible, however, to reduce the premium by increasing the deductible amount.1


Your home insurance policy covers you for civil liability even outside your home.  


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1 The portion of the cost of damages the insured has to pay for in the claims settlement.

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