Accomodation upon your arrival
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Accomodation upon your arrival

Unless you have substantial financial resources, you are probably not planning a long stay in a hotel. Therefore, your first priority will be to find suitable accommodation at an affordable price.

Initially, it might be a good idea to rent furnished accommodation (an apartment or room) on a weekly or monthly basis and, if possible, in a location central enough to make your search easier. You may have to consider staying with family or friends for a period of time. After a few weeks or months, you can embark on your search for housing that best suits your needs.

In Québec, rental (lease) or sales (deed of sale) agreements are usually concluded by means of a duly written contract that both parties must sign and respect.

Before choosing a dwelling, you should estimate the maximum amount of rent that you can reasonably pay in addition to your daily expenses. When you calculate the cost of renting a dwelling, include the cost of essential services: electricity, heating, insurance, telephone, transportation and other services such as cable television and parking. Some apartments are equipped with a refrigerator and stove, but you usually have to provide your own appliances.


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